A little history of the event demonstrated through these video presentations…

Video coverage of the 2013 VIMAs courtesy of Victoria Music Scene:

CTV’s pre-Gala Coverage of VIMA 2013:

Victoria Music Scene’s coverage of the 2013 VIMA Nominee Announcement:

A-Channel’s coverage of the 2012 VIMA Nomination Announcement:

Preview piece on the 2012 gala (interviews with Nominees). Video courtesy of Dale Baglo Broadcast Inc.

Another preview piece on the 2012 gala. Courtesy of SHAW TV.

If you need one more reason to be inspired about making music on Vancouver Island, you may want to watch the below video of 2006 Album of the Year Winner Todd Butler singing his original song “Home” (at the 2011 VIMAs)…it just may bring a tear to your eye…(video courtesy of LoudandAliveTV.com).

2011 Female Vocalist of the Year Emily Spiller with a show-stopping performance at the 2011 gala at the Sid Williams Theatre in Courtenay BC…(video courtesy of LoudandAliveTV.com).

The Irish Rovers winning the SOCAN Song of the Year Award at the 2011 VIMAs for their tune “Gracehill Fair,” presented by SOCAN’s Terry O’Brien and Instrumental Album of the Year Winner Sarah M. Wood.

2011 VIMA Male Songwriter of the Year Christian Bergen performing his song “Something New” at the 2011 VIMAs:

A-Channel’s pre-gala coverage of the 2011 event:

2011 VIMA Artist of the Year Helen Austin performing her song “All the Letters” with her daughter Daisy Squires at the 2011 gala:

The Irish Rovers present Emily Spiller with the 2011 Female Vocalist of the Year Award:

VIMA 1 – Then called The M-Power Awards – was held Feb.16, 2002 in Victoria, hosted by Terry David Mulligan & David Gogo, and filmed by Much Music. The VIMAs were held in Victoria from 2002 to 2006, in Nanaimo in 2007, and in Courtenay in 2011.  The very first event was held in a community centre gymnasium and filmed by the TV station Much Music. The 2012 VIMAs returned to Victoria for Year 8 on April 21st, 2012. Years 9 & 10 in Victoria.

The VIMAs have featured such hosts, keynote speakers, and presenters as…

Neil Osbourne of 54/40

The Irish Rovers

Dan Hill

Vince Ditrich of Spirit of the West

Angela Kelman of Farmer’s Daughter

Terry David Mulligan

David Gogo

VIMA performers and award-winners also include…

Armchair Cynics

Hayley Sales

Jets Overhead

Alex Cuba

Todd Butler

Adonis Puentes

Sean Hogan

Every year, the event has been a packed house, filled with island musicians, media, presenters, sponsors, promoters, label reps, artist managers, venue managers, and music fans! And there is always a wonderful exciting energy that fills the room, as moment after moment of anticipation and celebration builds to an emotionally-charged grand finale.


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