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Send music and $55 fee per submission to


Tickets/FeesSubmission Fee $55.00 CAD
Awards Show Ticket $25.00 CAD
Submissions x 2 $110.00 CAD
Submissions x 3 $165.00 CAD
Submissions x 4 $220.00 CAD
Submissions x 5 $275.00 CAD
Submissions x 6 $330.00 CAD
Subm Submissions x 8 $440.00 CAD
Student/Senior Ticket $22.00 CADPreferred CategoryArtist of the Year
Single of the Year
Album of the Year
Live show of the Year
Video of the Year
Vocalist of the Year
Producer of the Year
Group of the Year
Lifetime AchievementName: Artist/Group/Attendee


Submission Fee $55.00 CAD
Awards Show Ticket $25.00 CAD
Submissions x 2 $110.00 CAD
Submissions x 3 $165.00 CAD
Submissions x 4 $220.00 CAD
Submissions x 5 $275.00 CAD
Submissions x 6 $330.00 CAD
Submissions x 7 $385.00 CAD
Submissions x 8 $440.00 CAD
Student/Senior Ticket $22.00 CAD
Preferred Category
Artist of the Year
Single of the Year
Album of the Year
Live show of the Year
Video of the Year
Vocalist of the Year
Producer of the Year
Group of the Year
Lifetime Achievement
Name: Artist/Group/Attendee



    1. Hi Kenny. Thanks for your inquiry. By 2012, we hope to expand our categories by breaking down into multiple musical genres, as well as comedy, spoken word, children’s music, etc. This site will be updated regularly with details. Cheers!
      -James Kasper
      Producer, Vancouver Island Music Awards.

  1. Hi James,
    I just officially released my CD on October 1st 2011.
    It was finished fall 2010 but due to family catastrophe I was not in a position to really pursue
    releasing it till recently. Can it be eligible for this round?
    Colleen Eccleston

  2. Hi Amanda,

    One song per artist for the Song of the Year category. However, a solo artist may submit a song under their own name, then a different song could be submitted for the band they are a member of. If submitting a full album, we just need to know which track you are submitting for this category.


    J. K.

    1. Hi Shane,

      All genres are considered equally, and we ensure our jury is made up of music industry representatives who are familiar with all styles of music, so that the evaluation is fair and balanced.

      We look forward to receiving your submission.


      James Kasper,
      Founding Director, VIMA.

  3. Hi James,

    Is there any criteria for how official or professional a “release” is? I released my CD locally (in Victoria) this summer entirely independently–no label, no registering the songs with SOCAN (yet), not even a UPC code. I sell them privately and at shows but I’ve done very little promotion/distribution, other than off the side of the stage. Does an ultra-indie back-of-the-van release like this still qualify?

    Thanks in advance,

  4. I have to ask … seems obvious answer but thought I would ask … My partner and I just relesased our instrumental CD we play all the instruments…. Digtal accordion Electric Bass mandolin dobro etc… very experimental at times.
    We took some pop tunes (Eagles to james bond to beatles to tv themes) and reinvented them into some totally different ..
    latin / jazz / electronica salsa / Neau Vaux Flemenco / Tango. The digtal accordion provides a huge palette of instruments horns, grand piano,
    vibes ……. and lots of bass solos.

    would this quailfy “orignal material”? original music arrangements.


    1. hi Kenny,

      That’s a tough one. I guess it depends on what you mean by reinventing them into something “totally different.” My sense is that if you’re still crediting the original composer and / or if you secured licensing rights to the songs, then that is technically a cover record. We don’t currently have a category for cover records, but if there is enough demand, we will create a category for it.

      happy holidays.

      James K.

    1. Hi Jordan,

      Thanks for your message. All info on how & specifically what to submit is listed in the sections titled “Submissions: Eligibility” and “What to Include in Your Submission.”

      If you are submitting in the Live Performance category, you’ll need a video of your live performance on a DVD.


      James K.

  5. i would like to nominate: Rick “Wolf” Patterson for his excellent prefromance of his recently released song, “Hey Hey Bocephus”, a song written by Victoria Country Singer/songwriter B.J.Roberts. Thier website can be viewed at the site enclosed below.

    R. lacasse

  6. Hi,
    We’d like to be considered in the youth category, but the other person in our band can’t locate his birth certificate. Would it be okay if he photocopied his driver’s license and VIU student ID instead?

    Thanks a lot,

  7. Hello James,
    I have a CD and a video. The song in the music video is not on the CD. May I submit both the CD AND the music video? If so, any preferred format?

    Also, to Jordan Isabelle Henneberry (don’t see her email address), Canadian Copyright Law inherently provides you with copyright of your song even if you do nothing except create it. However many recommend that you mail yourself a copy of your work, with a clear postal date stamp, and save it unopened for potential future legal use. So yes, you DO have copyright on your original composition.

    Hugs, richie

  8. Hi there!

    Before heading out on the road for a lengthy tour (in Sept), I had lived on Vancouver Island and the gulf Islands for 2 years. I recorded my album with Corwin Fox over an 11 month period in Cumberland. Since being on the road touring North America and currently Japan, it did not make sense to keep a home in the Valley for the time being, and thus I have no mailing address there.
    I released my album July 2011.

    Am I eligible to submit?

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Amy,

      Thanks for your message.

      Please see the first line of the “Eligibility” section: “Artists must be a current resident of Vancouver Island or one of the Gulf Islands…”

      If you find yourself residing on the island in the future, we look forward to hearing your music!


      James Kasper.

  9. Hi James – We have an EP so I know its not eligible for the album category, however I would like to submit for the song category and music video category. How does one submit for the music video category? Our YouTube link has over 25K views. Also the song was recorded in 2011 and released in 2012. The video was filmed in 2012 and released in the same year. I guess what I’m asking is – Are releases from 2012 eligible for THIS year’s awards? Thanks.

    1. Hi Andrew, answers to all your questions are on the Submit Music page. Here is the passage that should answer all:

      “…released their album between January 1st 2011 and December 21, 2012, must be in CD Format (Exceptions: if you are submitting ONLY for Song of the Year, an mp3 of the song is accepted. If you are submitting in the Best Live Act or Music Video Categories, a Youtube or Vimeo web link is accepted), and must be a minimum of 15 (Fifteen) minutes in length in order to be considered in more than just the Song of the Year category (submissions less than 15 minutes will be considered ONLY in the Song of the Year, Music Video, and Live Act categories). Submissions 15 mins or more will be considered/evaluated in all (relevant) categories…”

      So, I imagine your EP is at least 15 mins?

      Thanks for your message.



  10. Hi! If I submitt 4 songs for song of the year and 2 music videos for video of the year all in one package should I send 35$? or 35 x6= 210$ ?

    1. Hi Holden,

      It is a flat $35 submission fee for your package. But we can only accept one Song of the Year consideration for each Artist submission. The 2 videos are fine though.

      The only way you could submit additional songs would be if you were involved in another/different act.


      James Kasper,

  11. Hey just to confirm, to submit I must mail physical copies of everything mentioned? So, for music video’s and live performance you want a physical document with the full links on them?


    1. Hi Immaculate,

      Here is the passage from the Submit Music page that is relevant to your query (see the last 3 lines. All other materials are physical):

      “What to Include in your Submission

      * Music (minimum 15 mins, separated individual tracks, 1 ‘album’/entry per artist) * Bio (1 page), including the genre/style of music the Artist performs * Contact Info (Name of Act, Contact Name, Website address, e-mail address, Phone number) * Track Number & Title of the song you would like considered in the Song of the Year category * Lyrics to your Song of the Year entry * Link to (A) live performance (if you would like to be considered in the Best Live Act category) and/or (B) Music Video (if you would like to be considered in the music video category)…”


  12. Thanks, I did read that but I am still unclear if you want the link’s included with say; the bio and song lyrics in a word doc? As I am printing everything and planning to staple it together like a booklet.. Bio, contact info, song lyrics etc.. Then at the end should I just put the links them selves onto that same doc?

  13. my album has just been mastered, but not officially ‘released’. Can I still submit for song of the year(folk), and if so do you prefer physical CD or MP3?

    1. Hi Kevin,

      An “official release” is not required. If you are submitting your full album, the only digital we would require is links for music video and/or live performance. CD is required for all other categories. If you are submitting ONLY for Song of the Year, then you can submit that digitally or on CD.


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