VIMA10PosterHiResVocal Performance: “Words” – Brodie Dawson

Youth Song: “Devil’s December” – Teagan Johnston

Gospel Song: “Why We Praise You” – Koko Relleve

Music Video: “Maude Island” – Jamie Ruddick

Live Act: AIVIA

World Music Song: “Oine Doine” – Balkan Babes

Production: Sarah – Dave Cormier. *Producer: Zak Cohen, Woodshop Studios.

Roots Song: “Miss Your Exit” – Bruce & Judy Wing

Pop Rock Song – “High Time” – Sue Medley

Island Classic – Will Millar






Nominees are listed in alphabetical order within each category.

In some cases, where there was not a sufficient sample of music within a category, the category was combined with another (e.g. Blues – > Roots).

Vocal Performance of the Year:

Giving In a Little – Tom Lang

High Time – Sue Medley

Oine Doine – Balkan Babes

One Last Time – Jessica Benini

Right-Hearted – Sam Weber

Words – Brodie Dawson

Youth Song of the Year:

Dandelion – Kaya Martin

Devil’s December – Teagan Johnston

Run Away – Phoenix Lazare

The Brightest Day – Noble Savage

Winding Forever – Close the Bombay Doors (Ajay Parikh-Friese)


Gospel Song of the Year:

Let It Shine – Carla Funk

Search the Heavens – Fraser Campbell

Why We Praise You – Koko Relleve

Music Video of the Year:

Love Letter – Secondhand Habit

Moonlight Shine – Andrea Smith

Maude Island – Jamie Ruddick

Some Nights – AIVIA

Live Act of the Year:


Brodie Dawson

The Distributors

Sydney Batters

World Music Song of the Year:

La Polizia – Compassion Gorilla

Oine Doine – Balkan Babes

Si Me Gustaba Mexico – Bowler

The Road to Lisdoonvarna – Mary Murphy

Best Production of a Song:

Found Her in a Phone Book – Jack Sigurdson. *Producer: Zak Cohen, Woodshop Studios (Duncan).

Giving in a Little – Tom Lang. *Producer: Tom Lang, Carpe Diem Studio (Victoria).

High Time – Sue Medley. *Producers: John Mang/Sue Medley, MangSong Studio (Comox) / Dove Creek Studios (Courtney BC), Paul Keim, Mix Engineer.

La Polizia – Compassion Gorilla. *Producers: Thomas Martin and Chris Fretwell at DubWorks Studios (San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico).

Negatism – Bowler. *Producer: Eric Hogg, Soma Sound (Victoria)

Sarah – Dave Cormier. *Producer: Zak Cohen, Woodshop Studios (Duncan).

Roots Song of the Year

Black Moods – Andrea Smith

Comfy Couches – Daniel Cook

Dreaming – Kerry Jayne

Fireweed – Rose Kirchner

Home – Jonny Miller

Johnny – The Cumberland Brothers

Miss Your Exit – Bruce and Judy Wing

Roll On – The Twisted Pines

San Francisco Babe – Johnny Galactic

The Garden – Bev Finch

Pop/Rock Song of the Year:

Chicago – Riley Smith

Giving In a Little – Tom Lang

High Time – Sue Medley

In Love With a Liar – Mark Crissinger

Johnny the Radio – Joey Clarkson

Loosely – Andrea Smith

Lucky Lucky You – Bruce and Judy Wing

Sarah – Dave Cormier

Still Bleeding – This Day Burns

Stranger – Kali Moreno

Thank-you to all who provided music to our Jury. *Note: If you provided the VIMA Jury with music but were not nominated this year, and you would like to attend the 2014 gala, email, and you will be added to the VIMA VIP Guest List.

The 2014 / 10th Anniversary VIMA Gala will take place Saturday, March 22, 2014 at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church (Douglas & Broughton), Victoria BC. 6pm Doors. 7pm Start. Concession & Merch Table open before ceremony & during intermission. All Ages. Door Prizes. 

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